The TOWER WOOD extending table has a wooden and metal frame with a rectangular tempered glass top. The 2 lateral extension leaves, also in tempered glass, can be removed individually, just pull towards you to slide them from underneath the top and align them with a simple movement.

Height 29 ⅝  inch

Width 70 ⅞  inch

Depth 39 ⅜  inch




PARK is a super-extending table featuring a large rectangular top available in several materials resting on a solid central wooden or metal base with a chrome-plated metal support plate. Two side extenders, which are positioned inside the top, can be pulled out individually via a practical sliding mechanism, making it possible to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests.

Height 29 ⅝ inch

Width 70 ⅞ inch

Depth 39 ⅜ inch




The ORBITAL table has a technologically advanced automatic extending system. Thanks to one fluid movement of its metal arms, the two extension leaves slide out from underneath the ceramic top and simultaneously position themselves at the same level, maintaining the table’s elliptical shape. A locking device prevents accidental closure.

Height 29 ⅝ inch

Width 62 ¼ inch

Depth 39 ⅜ inch




HYPER is an extending table table with rectangular glass top, suitable to accommodate up to 10 people.
The two lateral extension leaves placed under the tempered glass top, which can be opened individually, slide easily and are aligned with a few simple movements. Both frame and legs are made of solid wood.

Height 30 ¾ inch

Width 63 inch

Depth 38 inch



CS/4072-FEC 200

The non-extending and extending ECHO table boasts a strong personality with square but well-defined lines. The central metal column supports a range of tops available in different shapes, sizes and materials to create a truly personalised table.
The different tops, available in glass-ceramic or wood, make it possible to create multiple combinations and to play on the union of warm and cold materials.

Height 29 ⅝ inch

Width 98 ½ inch

Depth 47 ¼ inch


Domino Dining Set


0836B Domino Chair
20.5″ width, 22.5″ depth, 39.5″ height.

0862 Domino Bench
63″ length, 21″ depth, 32″ height

0836B Domino Table Base: 42″ width, 72″ length, 30.25″ height.
Shown in Platinum Finish
Shown with GL4272, Rect. Clear Glass, 72 in. length, 42 in. depth, 1/2 in. thickness with flat polished edge

Our contemporary Domino Rect. Dining Set features a domino-like laser cut design on gently curving back supports, coupled with an amazingly stable traditional-look base.


Francesca Oval Dining Set


6611 Francesca Dining Chair
19″ width, 25″ depth, 40″ height

6615 Francesca Armed Dining Chair
24″ width, 25″ depth, 40″ height

6636B Francesca Table Base
52″ length, 28″ width, 29.5″ height
Shown with GLOV4884, 48″ x 84″ oval glass top with 1/2″ thickness, four 6611 side chairs and two 6615 arm chairs.
Shown in Topaz finish

The curling patterns on the backs of the dining chairs create a distinctive, regal look. The table base features a central base with outwardly bowing limbs that reach out to support large tabletops.


Bramante-Garlyn Dining Set


Four 7711 Bramante Dining Chairs
19″ width, 24″ depth, 46″ height
23-133B Garlyn Table Base
25″ round top and 29.5″ height
Shown with GL49, 48 in. round glass top with 1/2 in. thickness

The Bramante Chairs features front legs that gradually tapper to narrow points as they meet the floor and an innovative back that gently bows as it rises from the floor. Combined with the curvy, triangular seat the build possesses a unique, spellbinding artistic beauty. The futuristic look of the chairs couples well with the swirling, curves of the modern Garlyn Table Base.


Regency-Halo Rect. Dining Set


245-011 Regency Upholstered Chair: 21″ width, 25″ depth, 44″ height, 19″ seat depth51-933B Halo table base: 30.5″ round, 29.5″ height.

Shown in: Graphite Finish

Shown with GL60, 60 in. round glass, 1/2 in. thickness with 1 in. beveled edge

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